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Breeauna Sagdal has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. As an advocate for family rights, she has used her media and professional contacts to shed light on Oregon DHS abuses, due process violations, and child trafficking. As a mother she has fought hard for medical freedom, and freedom of choice. As a farmer and horse trainer Breeauna understands the importance of, and will fight for, private land ownership, water rights, grazing rights, and small business in Clackamas county. 

United By A Common Goal

Breeauna Sagdal knows the value of being connected to unite in a common goal. As a grassroots leader, she's helped bring thousands of Oregonians together to redress grievances in Salem, and she will bring that same dedication and voice to the Clackamas County Commission. She's running for YOU, but cannot do it alone. Please help her, to help you.

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